Yoga for Derby Instructor Artie Choke-her

yoga for crossovers

Whether you are Fresh Meat learning how to do crossovers before the 27/5 or a vet who wants to improve their balance and speed, this yoga sequence is for you!

ask a skater: breaking walls & small space drills

What is your secret for breaking through a wall? What kind of drills can you recommend with limited space & resources?

shoulder injury and rehab

Whips, bracing, blocks and impacts on the track provide a special breed of injuries to this part of the body.

juking the hurdles

As someone who never considered herself an athlete, I can now recognize myself as an athlete and celebrate this day with pride thanks to roller derby.

ask a skater: little changes and happiness found

What one small change in your gameplay made the biggest impact? Has where you have found happiness in the game changed throughout your career?

derby lessons learned

Roller derby is all about learning and growing, and being better than you were yesterday.

drill: two-point touch

Drill: Practice touching each other as much as possible; to practice effective blocking while
going slow; to practice using each others’ bodies and senses on the track; to practice team-blocking;
to practice communication

roller derby – the sport

When I started playing roller derby, I had never successfully played a sport. My story is a common one throughout the roller derby community.

order of operations: the cutting edge

Using edges is vital when skating, whether you are talking about roller skating, ice skating, or even skate/longboarding.

shin splints

Shin splints are a result of cumulative stress rather than an acute injury, and the symptoms can develop and increase gradually. The cause of shin splints is multifactorial and often debated.