helmet check and care

Take time throughout your derby season to look over the first-on, last-off piece of safety equipment that usually gets overlooked.

derby stance is coming back to a screen near you

Bring coaches together to share inspiration, build networks, get tools and insights for coaching development and to share resources for roller derby coaching.

toxic positivity in roller derby

Sometimes opponents aren’t our worst enemy; it’s our teammates and themselves.

producer paperwork with quick board

Announcers, make your roller derby game calls as smart as your crowd.

derby stance 2018

Rule 56 is a Yorkshire-based roller derby coaching business that aims to bring together coaching and resources for roller derby.

jammer cultivation 101

How my team managed to cultivate deep roster of consistent, high-performing jammers that work well together.

drill: two-point touch

Drill: Practice touching each other as much as possible; to practice effective blocking while
going slow; to practice using each others’ bodies and senses on the track; to practice team-blocking;
to practice communication

new position? no problem!

The switch from blocker to jammer isn’t an easy road. But it can be easier with a plan in place.

tournament analysis

I took a course and learned to use a plethora of data analysis and visualization tools including python, SQLite, mongodb, JSON, and matplotlib. For our final project, we were to analyze data publicly available online; I chose to analyze roller derby game statistics from champs.

2013 championships

2013 was a fresh beginning for WFTDA, which had dramatically overhauled its ruleset, rankings, and playoffs since 2012.

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