A Purple tinted photo of the back of a roller derby official wearing a striped shirt with the text "Artichoke-her" on the back. The official is wearing a white helmet with her curly, brown hair in a pony tail. The overlay in white text reads "HOW TO BECOME A ROLLER DERBY OFFICIAL"

how to become a roller derby official

Roller derby is a unique and challenging sport to officiate. The best way to start is by doing.

finally, having the opportunity to coach at RollerCon!

It’s that time of year when Rollercon tickets are cheapest, and rooms are filling up! Even though Rollercon isn’t for six months, all the commotion has got me reflecting on my coaching experience from last year.

fiveonfive coach at RollerCon

ROLLERCON IS BACK and we hope you’re as stoked as we are, because this year we are sponsoring an EPIC coach, Glittoris #1337 of Denver Roller Derby’s Mile High Club fame.

back on track

Like many in the roller derby community following the COVID-19 pandemic, fiveonfive media is moving in a new direction as we all get “back on track”.

all in

a pair of roller skating businesswomen launched an exciting new fitness group in a bid to empower people of any age to don some quads, get active and have fun

my journey back from the “nine month injury”

Skater mom Shaggy Ymeri Plummer, AKA Bad #86 with Angel City Derby shares experience with returning to derby after giving birth and more about her derby family.

check, check…1… 2: roller derby announcers guide

Announcers educate, entertain, and inform the audience during games on the house (or Public Address) call or on a broadcast. But they can do so much more when hosts prepare materials for the call!

moving teams

Roller Derby is a wonderful thing, beauty and chaos all in the space of two minutes. Life is big, hold your space.