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ROLLERCON IS BACK and we hope you’re as stoked as we are, because this year fiveonfive is sponsoring an EPIC coach, Glittoris #1337 of Denver Roller Derby’s Mile High Club fame.

If you love roller skating, you know that magic happens when roller skaters get together. Well, picture this: a few thousand dance skaters, derby players, park skaters, officials, productioneers, vendors, announcers, vendors, photographers and fans from all over the world, all gathering in Las Vegas to share some stories, raise some hell and get their skate on. RollerCon 2022 is the biggest family reunion ever and this one is a COMEBACK YEAR.



Glittoris has been playing roller derby since 2015, starting with Boulder County and Orange County, then moving up to Denver Roller Derby. In her inaugural year at Denver in 2019, she was voted a Travel Team captain, and led Denver’s B team to win B Champs that same year. Glittoris’ pivot skills have earned her awards such as “Most Versatile,” along with “Life of the Track” with her positive attitude. She also teaches Denver’s Flight School, and has been teaching “fresh meat” classes for 6 years. Outside of derby, she loves video games, and has a gender-neutral hair product company, Glass Hands Hair Co (which has a booth at RollerCon so GO CHECK ‘EM OUT!)

fiveonfive presents: RollerCon Classes

Dynamic Triangle

MVP2 | Wed, July 13, 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Don’t be obtuse! Level up your tripod skills. We will work in 3 walls to learn ways to force the jammer to stay in your seam. How do we keep the jammer from finding room on the lines? How do we prevent them from being able to juke or blow up our wall on a scoring pass? From utilizing offense? Learn how Denver does it and let your 4th blocker play offense in confidence!

Whoosh Bang Zap: Fun & Games to Take Your Team to the Next Level!

BRE | Thu, July 14, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Starting a new season? Pre-game jitters? Important games and tournaments coming up? In this session we will do multiple team-bonding activities, name-learning exercises, and goofy games to play throughout the season to keep your practice vibe fun, all while gaining more trust and comradery with your teammates.

Brace Yourself! (Beg/Int)

MVP3 | Fri, July 15, 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Support Your Wall & Catch the Jammer. The brace role in a triangle has a lot of responsibility. In this class, we will cover skills to cover the lines as a last defender, chest blocking skills, and develop stronger communication skills!

O Wow! Guaranteed Lead

MVP3 | Sat, July 16, 2:15pm – 4:00pm

Learn ways for offensive players to move defensive opponents and more dynamic offensive strategies. We will cover tactics for jam starts, power jams, and mid-jam offense.

Check out the RollerCon Master Schedule for more AMAZING classes!

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