Yoga for Derby Instructor Artie Choke-her

yoga for crossovers

Whether you are Fresh Meat learning how to do crossovers before the 27/5 or a vet who wants to improve their balance and speed, this yoga sequence is for you!

ask a skater: advice on stats & coaches

How do your game stats affect your training or idea of your performance, since the stats are going to be public? Who was your favorite coach and why?

the importance of smart fundraising

Fundraising isn’t about asking people for money, but building relationships and showing people how they can best support your organization.

blister care

Blisters are a common ailment for athletes. Here are some tips on care and prevention from a Certified Athletic Trainer.

lemon poppy protein bites

These lemon poppy protein bites are no-bake and don’t take much time in the kitchen.

toxic positivity in roller derby

Sometimes opponents aren’t our worst enemy; it’s our teammates and themselves.

producer paperwork with quick board

Announcers, make your roller derby game calls as smart as your crowd.

introducing the new wftda stats

WFTDA has been working to build a new and dynamic system to host rankings and game data. Michael Watson of Rainy City reports of the endeavours he’s undertaken.

2019 jrda championship preview

Athletes at the 2019 JRDA Championships will participate in a full 10-team, 17-game bracket in both the Open & Female Divisons.

juking the hurdles

As someone who never considered herself an athlete, I can now recognize myself as an athlete and celebrate this day with pride thanks to roller derby.

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