fall 2019 | issue 45

issue 45 | fall 2019

in this issue… Welcome to the 45th issue of fiveonfive! We are amped for Champs! After a whirlwind of fantastic derby events, we are looking forward to the final games of 2019 and an opportunity to see how all the hard work, trust on the track, and wicked strategy shakes out in Montréal. Turn to […]

summer 2019 | issue 42 | PC: Regularman Photography

issue 44 | summer 2019

in this issue… Welcome to the 44th issue of fiveonfive! It’s Summer here in the northern hemisphere and that means more trail skating, more outdoor cross-training, and more RollerCon-ing. Do you know what 110 degrees farenheit feels like at midnight on a Wednesday? ‘Cause Rollercon does. As many leagues are taking a much-needed break, others […]

issue 43 | spring 2019

in this issue… Welcome to the 43rd issue of fiveonfive! Spring is in the air! But is it in your step? It will be once you read this issue! Midge “Mayhem” Wilhelm and Swede Hurt are back to give great advice on small changes in your training that can make a big impact and how […]

issue 42 | winter 2018

in this issue… Welcome to the 42nd issue of fiveonfive! It’s my favorite time of the year, championship games are up for endless review and all of our goals for the 2019 competitive season are calling us to build up our teams and ourselves. I’m also excited to be writing to you as a new […]

issue 41 | fall 2018

in this issue… Welcome to the 41st issue of fiveonfive! It’s hard to believe it’s almost fall with the scorching heat we have had here in Colorado! I hope your season is successful, safe, and in full swing! In this issue, we’ll talk more about bowl skating with an article on Chicks in Bowls, and […]

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