issue 43 | spring 2019

in this issue…

Welcome to the 43rd issue of fiveonfive!

Spring is in the air! But is it in your step? It will be once you read this issue!

Midge “Mayhem” Wilhelm and Swede Hurt are back to give great advice on small changes in your training that can make a big impact and how they’ve grown and changed through their derby careers. Shredinger has the tips to help your league’s sponsorship team build better business relationships.

As we all prepare our bodies and minds for the 2019 tournament season, now is an excellent opportunity for a fresh look at how we can better care for ourselves in our health and fitness section. Claire Chandler provides fascinating insights into identifying injury trends for improvements that keep players on the track. You take care of your gear, but are you taking care of yourself? The importance of self-care and mental health is a topic addressed by Justice of The Peach.

Billy No Skates provides a thorough review of the Rule 56 coaching webinar, Derby Stance 2018, on page 16, which is helping coaches worldwide build better skills. Speaking of leadership, Vile Love It interviewed the fantastic Double H to offer insights into her many roles and love of our beloved sport.

Likewise, Alexandra Slamilton shares her appreciation and lessons she has learned coaching Junior Roller Derby. If you’ve got your eyes on trying out for a competitive team mid-season, you’re in luck! Sarge has a plethora of tips for Rookie skaters looking to make the leap on page 31.

Explore derby around the world as Minnie Mayday brings us to Europe to look at roller derby in Denmark. Amy Jo Moore (aka Bitches Bruze) also takes us on a journey into the world of derby announcing so that you too can announce with confidence and skill.

With the renewal of spring, we’re also happy to introduce you to a new department: “My Derby Story.” Our first story is from Hermione Danger as she explores dealing with grief in the derby world. We hope you will share your story with us too!

Leslie Nope