borderless teams belong

Fiveonfive stands in support of Black Diaspora Roller Derby and Team Indigenous Rising. We are responsible for decolonizing our sport and intervening when we see racist attitudes. Discrimination and exclusion do not belong in the sport of roller derby. These athletes have every right to compete as a team. Borderless Teams belong in roller derby. […]

♥ the way you roll

Fangirled over your Amazon jamming, all of your strength and sweetness of a scaled back hit…

you can play roller derby

The foremost fundamental societal institution of sport has the power to give everyone an equal capacity to achieve success.

representation matters

In derby, I see people with bodies of all sizes. One of my first derby heroes was shaped like me and basically destroyed everyone’s souls on the track.

deadly derby: heads will roll

GRACE’S HEART WAS pumping fast. She’d be next on the track as jammer, and she didn’t want to let her team down. She glanced at the scoreboard…

a path less traveled: joining the heard after leaving the pack

My journey to joining roller derby
started like many other’s:
I wanted to make friends, stay active, and I saw an ad about new recruit night.

roller derby hong kong

Estrelia Diaz takes us to Hong Kong to meet Snooky (Karl Luna to the Derby world,) President of Hong Kong Roller Derby and
co-founder of Madame Quad skate shop

our favorite things

fiveonfive media shares their favorite things books, documentaries, podcasts, media and more!

my journey back from the “nine month injury”

Skater mom Shaggy Ymeri Plummer, AKA Bad #86 with Angel City Derby shares experience with returning to derby after giving birth and more about her derby family.


fiveonfive meets up with Snooky in Hong Kong for the latest international edition of #thefannypackishere.

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