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FANGIRLS? PROBABLY, but as avid derby-movie-watchers we are so excited for the upcoming documentary of Cardiff’s Tiger Bay BrawlersHell on Wheels. The documentary is branded as “Giving ‘blood, sweat and tears’ a whole new meaning.”

To which we say: “Yes, please, to all of that!”

Hell On Wheels documents the lives of Wales’ first roller derby team; the Tiger Bay Brawlers. The film follows the Brawlers as they compete at their first major European Tournament, the biggest moment of their sporting lives, and tells the stories of the individuals who have created the team. 

Directed by Toby Cameron, the film explores what has made roller derby the fastest growing sport in Europe and unpacks views on this cultural phenomenon, as well as exploring it as providing a safe place for women of all shapes, sizes and gender identities, expressing themselves while creating a community spirit that can’t be found in their daily lives.

Laura Kemp of the Tiger Bay Brawlers describes the documentary process and confides that, “When we started this journey we didn’t know what to expect other than we wanted to share our experience of roller derby with the wider community. To have our friendships, our highs and lows and the hard work as amateur athletes that we put into our sport captured in such a beautiful and moving documentary means more than words can say. We know roller derby can change the world, now everyone else will be able to see that too.”

Viewers can catch the documentary Monday, August 5, at 22.35 on BBC One Wales

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Train Your Brain to Shut Up: An Owner’s Manual to Your Athletic Mindset by Emily Stonecipher

RAISE YOUR STINKY WRIST GUARD if you are obsessed with getting better at derby!

Author and training genius Emily Stonecipher (AKA Prime) describes her new book, Train Your Brain to Shut Up, as part educational content and part journal entry. 

“A few years ago, I realized that a lot of athletes were struggling most in the mental aspect of their games: lack of confidence, negative thoughts intruding at the worst moments, imposter syndrome, and generally feeling like they just couldn’t do the things they wanted physically because their brain was holding them back.”

The result of this insight?

“A tool that athletes could use to learn about what made their brain tick, then USE that information to train their brain to be more productive.”

Stonecipher explains, “The educational content helps athletes pinpoint how their brain works and what specific struggles they have. The journal entries and prompts are where athletes can practice strengthening their mental game.“ 

We can’t wait to get our grubby mitts on this new training tool. Copies of the book are now available to purchase on Amazon or visit: www.ironoctopusfitness.com.

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