DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and visit the melting pot of cultures that is Hong Kong. 

Make your way to Hong Kong Island (proper Hong Kong to the old folk). When you get there- ask for Karl*. Chances are, you’ll be somewhere different to where you have never been before.

You’ll wonder about the heat, berate yourself for packing that third set of wheels, and you’ll wonder HTF people could possibly street skate here, but people can, and they do. You will see humans doing just that. You’ll take a deep breath, and a swig of water, and all will be all right with the world.

Just make sure you avoid the MTRs between 1730 and 1900 unless you have a kink for grandmothers digging their sharp umbrellas into your rib cage while someone plays candy crush at full volume into your left ear (if you do have this kink, Admiralty Station is the hot tip!).

Today we have to delve in the fanny pack of the Doyenne of Derby in Hong Kong – Snooky.

Tiger balm plasters 

We are always trying something new and these are the best way to relax muscles when you have some downtime.

Polar Frost 

Its for when you eat concrete attempting something – it is like an ice pack in a tube.


Madame Quad and HKRD Bonus points if you get the seat on the Star Ferry that has our mark. We have fans sending us where these stickers have travelled across the world. – I personally know for a fact there is one on the Golden Gate Bridge! (as well as one on the Tower of London -DD) 


For lighting things.

Chewing gum 

For hiding the smell of the things that I lit up.

Skate adjusting tool 

For hiding my chewing gum – just kidding that’s in Singapore.

Ear Pods 

These are to zone out the traffic of peak hour and the odd security guards yelling at us when we are in the ‘skateboard’ park.

Baby wipes 

You cannot go anywhere in summer without these-they are perfect for dry-cleaning after skating anywhere in 39°C/102°F 88% humidity. They almost make you respectable enough when you are stuck in a 5-minute downpour, and of course you can use them to clean up the suede on your skates after the skatepark because- priorities. They also come in handy if you are going to grab some street food on the run. 

Keys to the shop 

Members of the league use the Madame Quad shop as a place to hang out and relax and impulse purchase all things quad skating. It has also been known to act as an emergency Airbnb when someone has missed the last ferry to one of the outer islands.

Balloon that says “Don’t give sh!t” 

These were a remnant from our Roll out to Hong Kong Disneyland.


Where all the great ideas live.

Where is your fanny pack from?

We are actually testing out some designs from young local Hong Kong artists. 

*BONUS POINTS if you can work out Karl (Luna)‘s derby name.

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