evaluating nutrition information on the internet

Because not everything you read on the internet is true, here are some tips for evaluating nutrition info online!

cozy pumpkin soup

I have made this dish for my team as a post-practice snack and it is one of those recipes that they still talk about.

slammabelle lee - jersey shore roller girls

building derby-centric business relationships

I have been fresh meat skater, veteran skater, jammer, blocker, pivot, impromptu coach, captain, interleague coordinator, and events and community service, coordinator. I’ve juggled a lot of moving parts in different ways to get things done effectively, and the skills I’ve utilized serve me well in derby, as well as in my professional, educational, and personal lives.

drill: two-point touch

Drill: Practice touching each other as much as possible; to practice effective blocking while
going slow; to practice using each others’ bodies and senses on the track; to practice team-blocking;
to practice communication

ask a skater: teammate support + tournament prep

What can I do to help my teammates who are on the travel team prepare during tournament time? What’s the best way to prepare physically and mentally for a big tournament?

new position? no problem!

The switch from blocker to jammer isn’t an easy road. But it can be easier with a plan in place.

tournament analysis

I took a course and learned to use a plethora of data analysis and visualization tools including python, SQLite, mongodb, JSON, and matplotlib. For our final project, we were to analyze data publicly available online; I chose to analyze roller derby game statistics from champs.