thin air throwdown

D1 Round Robin sanctioned + B team regulation bracket tournament hosted by Denver Roller Derby & the Boulder County Bombers in Boulder County, Colorado.

producer paperwork with quick board

Announcers, make your roller derby game calls as smart as your crowd.

2019 jrda championship preview

Athletes at the 2019 JRDA Championships will participate in a full 10-team, 17-game bracket in both the Open & Female Divisons.


A 6-team, 12-game tournament featuring D1 teams from the old WFTDA Western Region hosted by Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.

check, check…1… 2: roller derby announcers guide

Announcers educate, entertain, and inform the audience during games on the house (or Public Address) call or on a broadcast. But they can do so much more when hosts prepare materials for the call!

through the lens: 2018 WFTDA championships

THE 2018 WFTDA CHAMPIONSHIPS were held in New Orleans, Louisiana and featured the peak of flat-track roller derby gameplay. While many were witness to the games that weekend, we present to you a look through the lens of some of the roller derby community’s greatest storytellers: the photographers.

ask a skater: teammate support + tournament prep

What can I do to help my teammates who are on the travel team prepare during tournament time? What’s the best way to prepare physically and mentally for a big tournament?

tournament analysis

I took a course and learned to use a plethora of data analysis and visualization tools including python, SQLite, mongodb, JSON, and matplotlib. For our final project, we were to analyze data publicly available online; I chose to analyze roller derby game statistics from champs.

2013 championships

2013 was a fresh beginning for WFTDA, which had dramatically overhauled its ruleset, rankings, and playoffs since 2012.