Kayla Woodward is a dab hand at this roller derby gig. She is currently one of the most feared elite players in the world today and plays for Arch Rival Roller Derby.

Kayla (KWoo) loves a good coffee, her two Derby dogs – Tater and Olive – and crop tops. Many of you might not know, but KWoo is also a Meme queen. fiveonfive caught up with Kayla in the middle of a meme-battle in St. Louis for the first installment of #thefannypackishere.

We took a peek in her fanny pack – to see if some secrets to success are hidden within… 

Diamond Drill(h)er: Can you tell us about your fanny pack….

Kayla: I bought this at a local vendor in Soulard (DD: a cosmopolitan part of St Louis) it is the style that goes around your hip and your thigh; I love it as I can fit a lot into it. 

Cat and dog patches

KW: I bought those at Big O this year, but my current jacket has no more space for patches, I have to decide what my next patch project will be.

Medicinal tea

KW: I actually have weak vocal chords and have to prep them. If I am going to be coaching or cheering for a particular event, I usually also have tubes of honey to coat and soothe my throat. 

Plane ticket

KW: This is from the clinic that we ran in Pullman, Washington. Roller derby has allowed us to travel the world, and in 2019, we are coming to Derby Fest in Australia. 

DD: Have you heard of any particular foods you have to try while down there?  

KW: Yes! We were told to try, “Golden Gaytimes” and “Cherry Ripes.” 

Wrist wrap – but only one

 KW: I use this at cross fit, but of course there is only one. I am always misplacing them. 


DD: 8 lipsticks and 2 Chap Sticks? Was this a surprise? 

KW: I LOVE lipstick. I’m into wearing darker colours at the moment. I’m not surprised, but I have been looking for one of those for a while. My mom gave me one recently that is push-button activated. 

… and a set of magnetic eyelashes

KW: These were really COOL. There is a tool that you need to pry them apart, and then they snap onto your lash line. 

DD: Sounds painful. Would you trust them for a derby game?  

KW: Totally, if I didn’t wear glasses!

Ovarian cancer pin

KW: A really special friend in my life, and ex-derby player, was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Recently we did a row-a-thon where we rowed for 24.7 kilometres/15.4 miles on a stationary rower. We raised over $1600.


KW: I am really unsure how that got there? 

Silicon wedding band

KW: I wear these when we are playing derby and doing cross fit.

Physical therapy notes

KW: Working on some strengthening exercises.

Lip bag

KW: This originally had the lipsticks in it… now I use it as my wallet, which is probably why there were so many scattered through the rest of the bag. 

Giant iPhone

KW: I really wanted this model as it had the portrait mode, but it is so big that it does not fit in my pockets, and my friends are always asking, “Have you got your phone?” to test me. 

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